My last Wednesday night can be described no other way except weird (and not just because it makes a lovely alliteration if combined). It began with cheese dicks, yes I typed correctly that is their real name. A clever sexual innuendo from the pizza place down the street that sells mozzarella sticks that go by a different name. We (by “we” I mean Hayley and me) finished the cheese and “headed” to the Museum of Miniatures, Toys, and Dolls for a Tetris Tournament. Exploring the museum we found all sorts of past joys including trolls, Barbies, dollhouses, and my favorite – Legos (or “Legs” as my sister and I used to call them). I played beyond poorly in the tourney and even forgot which buttons did what.

Then off to the “Off the Wall Dance Party “at Hi-Dive with 70s and 80s music galore. There I danced (of course) and caught up with friends. Shortly after 1:30 I went to the car to drive home intoxicated friends only to see my car was no longer there. Someone stole Maxi. My gold, Nissan Maxima with a dented hood, and 230,000 miles. For months I have been says how great it would be not to have a car and bragging about riding my bike – the universe granted my wish. The Maxi is gone, without a trace, without a final breakdown, or even a goodbye. I suppose its best this way not to have the formalities and leave it open ended. Although this was certainly not what I had in mind when I asked for car freedom.
It has been an interesting journey noticing my obvious loss and my reaction to it. I mourned its departure for several hours the next day and realized the symbolism of not having my largest material object. My how I’ve changed! I was more upset I couldn’t give my friends a ride home.
Point blank, the universe knows what is best and be careful what you wish for!
Today I’m grateful for kombucha, bike locks, and FREX.

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