Today marks a very important day in my life, my one year anniversary of quitting my job and pursuing my dreams!! I can’t tell you how many times I have craved the comfortable, safe working environment I used to have, but I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything in the world (except maybe to have my job back – just kidding)! I did it – I took a year for me. A year to explore, have adventure, and connect with my soul. Wish I could say it has been easy and all fun, no work. There were (and still are) days I freak out and wonder how to make pay my bills or where my life is going. I’m far more clear now than I would have been had I stayed in the comfort of my pretty office at City Hall. Somewhere along the way, my job became who I thought I was. I’m so far removed from the woman who had an office, wore nice clothes, and had a nice hefty paycheck. My identity has become what I give and what I want for the world – not my personality, or looks, or career, or clothes, or what I own.

In the past year I’ve done some amazing things – lived in an ashram, fell in love, went to China, moved to Denver, was a speed dating hostess, worked for a film festival, carried around my trash, visited Napa, and most importantly remembered who I am. What have I learned this past year? I can have it all – the adventures, the fun, the amazing people, make money, and most of all still be me. What’s next…well, I’ve spent one year following my dreams…83 to go!

Today I’m grateful for work, play, and having the courage to do both.

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