…not yet a woman. For once I’m with Britney Spears on this one. I’ve felt this way for a while…I remember vividly the day I went into Hollister and felt way too old and then walked into Ann Taylor and felt way to young. I still get called “Miss” and “Ma’am” – and cringe with both.

One of my favorite books – I only have about 437 of them – “The 10 Women You Will be Before You’re 35” by Alison James talks about the journey of self-discovery. (You should know anytime I use the compound noun “self-discovery” it’s a tell-tale sign things will only get cheesier.) According to the book these are the phases and catch phrases to go with them:

1. New Graduate: “When I was in school we would…”
2. Dollarless Diva: “I really can’t afford it.”
3. Worker Bee: “I’ll do it.”
4. Party Girl: “It’s so wonderful to see you. You look fabulous.”
5. Body Conscious Babe: “I’ll have the fat-free, sugar-free, low carb brownie.”
6. Chameleon: “What are you having?”
7. Crisis Chick: “Ugh, what am I going to do with my life?”
8. Ms. Independence: “I don’t have time right now.”
9. Wirl (half girl/half woman): “This girl I know…I mean this woman I know.”
10. True You: (note: this phase doesn’t have a phrase, it just is.)

I’m currently a Wirl and it couldn’t be more obvious. Apparently another part of the “Wirl” phase involves forgetfulness. Have I written about this book/topic before? It feels familiar and I can’t find the entry. Oh well…I have been all of these women, or girls, although not in that particular order. Some people/women reach them before 25, others of us are still getting there and enjoying the ride. (And attending our younger sister’s wedding soon!)

What does it really mean to be a grown-up? Taking responsibility for my life in its entirety? Settling down? Stopping running through sprinklers? I’m beginning to realize it’s much more simple…knowing what’s best for me and having the courage to follow it. Better yet, putting myself in charge of my life, and keeping me there. As Brit says in that catchy, sappy song (just my type by the way)…”This girl(wirl) will always find her way.”

Today I’m grateful for hiking, tea houses, and True Love store on Broadway.

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