I normally stay away from political topics on my blog because well, let’s face it, it isn’t very loveable, joyful, or vitality-ful (yes, I made that up, hence the hyphen). I need to make an exception, the past few days my heart has really been hurting about the impact of the current world situation. It rips my heart out each time I meet someone or talk to someone who has a loved one fighting. I feel sick to my stomach each time I read the paper about violence erupting around the world. Violence only leads to more violence and my anger has only lead to more anger.
I’m tired of feeling helpless and exhausted with being angry. It has nothing to do with my political party or being a liberal, it has to do with loving people and not wanting anyone to continue hurting. I don’t just mean the Iraq war, but in other areas of the world where people suffer because of violence. This includes our own backyard. I’m dismayed that it is 2009 and humanity hasn’t learned a more peaceful way to deal with conflict.
When will we realize we’re all the same and when we hurt others we hurt ourselves as well? No one is ever really right or wrong and we aren’t going to convince someone else to see our way, especially when our way involves violence. Peace isn’t the absence of conflict, but the ability to conflict in a peaceful means (forget who said that).
Here’s a list of things I came up with off the top of my head of things anyone can do to promote peace:
-make donation to organization promotes peace
-vote for peace, not political party
-pray for peace
-meditate for peace
-love yourself
-write letters to elected officials
-wear shirts promoting the cause
-attend pro-peace march or rally
-love others
-educate yourself and others about the effects of war
-reduce dependency on oil and therefore fighting for resources
-honor those who have lost their lives

Today I’m grateful for synchronicity, freebies, and melantonin.


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