…it’s made of them! I have been really examining my relationship to money the past few weeks and the adage about “free lunches” and “money not growing on trees” has become fun to disbelieve. I’m in love with Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray. (Don’t worry, I just joined a book club that begins in October, til then my blog will continue to be my place to discuss.) My friend Dustin recommended it to me and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve always believed money was energy and could tell when I was flowing with it and when I was headed up stream. The trick for me was doing things to keep it flowing in…
This book helped me see that I continually strive for balance and balance…in the words of James Arthur Ray, “is bogus!” Wanting harmony in all areas of life makes more sense. Balance isn’t active and flowing…harmony could be compared to an orchestra where everything is there, not the same intensity at all times. What a wonderful lesson to realize! I can have it all and don’t have to find a way everyday to make everything to perfectly balance. Some days I will focus more on my health, some on my work, and others on my relationships.

Thanks James Arthur Ray for your book, and I look forward to more har”money”!

Today I’m grateful for long walks, my car, and my wardrobe.


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