>I met a man this week, not just any man…a man named Raisin. Not sure how or why he has said name, so don’t ask. He was sitting behind my building in the shade reading a book while I was taking out my recycle bin. I couldn’t help but ask what he was reading, which then of course only progressed into a conversation about what I did. It ended with me going up to my apartment and packing food for him to take on the road.

You see, Raisin is my age…quit his job to backpack/bum across America, sold his posessions and took off. I couldn’t help being jealous of what he was doing…how complicated life gets so quickly. During his trek his fiance was hit by a car and died, he quickly became no longer a strange and someone whose pain felt so real and dear to me. We spent several hours talking and I fell more and more in love with the human named Raisin and less and less put off by his rough appearance. What a wonderful afternoon and how blessed I am to be able to take time to know this man whose story inspired and touched me. How blessed I am to have time to spend with others and learn from their journey.

If this does become the route I decide to take…I can promise my “road” name would be somewhere between “Farrar out” and “Rainbow.”

Today I’m grateful for my apartment, simplicity, and my fridge.


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