While some (possibly many) will argue numerology has no merit, it is fun and that’s pretty much why I like it. (That and it was a great closing page for every issue of Seventeen magazine!) The number 9 reflects completion and ending of the old…how perfect for it to begin the fall season. What’s creepier is that 9+9+9=27 and 2+7=9!? Okay maybe now I’m going overboard…

I always thought it was fun to see which numerology is your birthday. This is said to tell you how close you are to your soul not being reincarnated (I know, now it’s getting kooky). My birthday is May 20, 1982 so the numerology would be 5+2+0+1+9+8+2=36. Then 3+6=9…according to this I would start all over at 1 in my soul’s next life. Fun thing to try…

On 8-8-8 I wrote a blog on the significance of 8 in Chinese tradition; however, the number 9 has a lot of significant meanings as well…

-9 planets in solar system (or used to be, darn Pluto!)
-It is the product of 3X3 and three is the number of balance in mind, body and spirit.
-It takes nine months for a human baby to fully develop in the womb.
-In history, number nine was a sacred number in both Egypt and Greece.
-In religion, the hierarchy of angels has nine choruses.
-The Buddhists see the sky divided into nine celestial levels.
– In Islam there are nine spheres in the universe.

Today I’m grateful for Cheesman Park, Denver Film Society, and my communication.

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  1. >Hello Becky,I referenced your blog in my blog. Just wanted to let you know and make sure you were ok with that. I can delete the reference if you would like. I am a friend of the Luceks, thats how I ran across your blog. Actually my sister married Tom Lucek. Tiff

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