>As humans we all have this struggle between two very different parts of our being. Different science and spiritual teachings call it different things…the ego, meaning making machine, reptilian brain. Then there’s the side of us that comes from love, peace, and spirit at all times. Depending upon which part of us currently runs our lives our experience becomes very different or difficult in some instances.

My journey of consciousness has come about by being able to recognize when I’m in which place and then decide what to do next. When I’m stressed or running around a mile a minute, it’s about appreciating my mind and brain. When I’m taking time for me and enjoying a butterfly, it’s about appreciating my soul. Both parts of equal importance to life. Here’s a kinda sorta poem I wrote about it (certainly not Seventeen magazine material):

My mind asks questions and my soul knows the answers.
My mind closes doors and my soul opens windows.
My mind forgets and my soul remembers.
My mind wanders and my soul commits.
My mind moves to past/future and my soul stays present.
My mind achieves and my soul conceives.
My mind speaks and my soul listens.
My mind craves control and my soul surrenders.
My mind screams now and soul whispers whenever.
My mind looks for fear and my soul finds faith.

Today I’m grateful for my mind, heart, and body.


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