>"Samadhic" experiences at Samadhi?

> In yogic traditions samadhi (I invented an adjective from it above) is experiencing the oneness of life, enlightenment, or bliss. It feels as if I chase this feeling nonstop and have created an attachment to the next time I can get “high.” I don’t have samadhic experiences that often, would love to have them everyday and unlike other yogis I haven’t had them during meditation or even yoga (why do you think I was so drawn to do my Yoga Teacher Training at Samadhi Yoga Center?). Mine occur when I’m extremely present with what I’m doing and involved in something else usually nonspiritual in nature (although I’m beginning to realize everything is spiritual in nature). How’s that for a non-enlightenment plug?

Here are the moments I have experienced samadhi and remembered it:
-in a loud discotheque in Cannes after seeing Bono
-walking in Paris on a quiet street listening to a cello
-running and not being able to feel my body
-laying on a beach topless in Marbella, Spain
-walking to Lotus Shrine at Yogaville
-seeing a perfect Monarch butterfly
-after a performance when a whole crowd of people are giving a standing ovation
-certain songs such as classical music or Beatles
-when I’m doing Masala Bhangra dancing

-waking up next to someone I adore

In Hinduism the enlightenment or samadhi occurs when Kundalini energy rises and has made its way up from the base of our spine chakra into the top of our crown chakra. The experiences noted above feel as if there’s a rush of energy shooting through my body – especially through my arms and legs. It’s said when the Kundalini energy rises to the top permanent enlightenment occurs (symbolized by the lotus flower) – usually over a long period of time.
Today I’m grateful for samadhi, searching for samadhi, and experiencing samadhi.

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