> Last week I heard Blake Mycoskie (aka my new crush) from Toms Shoes speak at my favorite spiritual hangout, Mile Hi Church. Ever since my rejection with the UN public relations job (yes, the one I don’t want to talk about – ever again), I’ve wrestled with my entrepreneurial spirit. If the UN won’t take me I may as well hire myself!?

I could be considered somewhat of a Toms Shoes fanatic, if being a fanatic means I own the documentary, ask for a pair of shoes for every major holiday, and have applied to go a shoe drop 57 times. Besides having such an interesting founder, the company reminds me time and time again that business can make a difference and be fiscally beneficial (aka “conscious capitalism”). I’ve looked a few ideas from working with travel companies to lead volunteer or meditation trips or getting paid to carry my trash this time…Toms Shoes takes the (cup)cake on ideas as far as I’m concerned.
A note on Blake, even after just arriving back in the U.S. from a shoe drop in Ethiopia he was still able to talk Toms. The only thing I can talk about that passionately after traveling that far is putting on my sweatpants. That’s a true sign of dedication – on both our parts. He looks better than I do after a day of working late and yoga teacher training!? Thank you Blake for ensuring a better tomorrow; now if only I could find a way to get in on your shoe drops!
Today I’m grateful for my gold pair of Toms, my white pair of Toms, and last but not least my black pair of Toms.

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