I’ve officially become a workaholic and my life is really only about the Starz Denver Film Festival so all I do is work or watch films. Only seems natural to write about the films I’m seeing in hopes to get others excited about coming to the festival! As I see films I intend to write about them, not all of them mind you…my blog is mostly boring enough!? I’ll let you decide which film you think the picture on the left was taken from…
Orgasm Inc.
One of the films in the festival, Orgasm Inc., examines female sexual dysfunction. Is it actually a disorder or a case of women not knowing their own bodies and having two kids and a husband to take care of? Of course a pill that would give me an immediate orgasm would be fun, feels like that’s what we all want. An easy fix, even for pleasure. What about the emotional aspect of why or why not someone has an orgasm? Fun film with great questions about female sexuality.
Blessings: the Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet
The filmmaker from this film is a fellow Coloradoan and it is even narrated by Richard Gere. As if looking at Tibetan nuns wasn’t wonderful enough you get to hear Gere’s voice every now and then. =) The film is about East meets West. A group of western women travel with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher to Nangchen to meet 3000 Buddhist nuns who practice a form of Buddhism initiated in the 1800s. In the 1960s, 40 nunneries were destroyed by China and the survivors found caves and other hidden areas to practice their tradition. It was touching and lovely and brought me back to my own spiritual path, by following theirs.
Today I’m grateful for great parking spaces, quiet libraries, and large trees outside the window.

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