Fear of change can run our lives and for many people it does (witness my Halloween fear above.) Refreshing that in a sea of change and impermanence we forget one thing always remains – our never changing, omnipresent soul (called puru sa in Hindu tradition). Seasons come and go, people come and go…our situations and circumstances, the core of our being stays exactly the same. We may grow in consciousness and awareness of our soul, but it’s always there. The constant in inconsistency. What a wonderful reassurance in times of yuckiness, yes a technical term for we yogis and hippies alike. I agree with the Buddha that our main source of suffering comes from believing things are permanent. It is this impermance that creates our lives – growing from birth – and yet we resist it wholeheartedly as an enemy.

In times of happiness that seem so brief, we cling to the illusion that we can make it stay always and obsess over what we need to maintain it. In times of sadness it feels eternal and neverending. Marianne Williamson has an entire book about the dreaded word “change.” (In case you can’t figure it out this of course sparked my thought process.) Our ability to be a part of this change and flow makes our lives easier or more difficult. Fear of change spawns from a need to control and accepting the idea things change, without our permission allows us to be accept and move forward. In doing so we lessen our suffering and begin to love the change that is life.

Without change we wouldn’t have evolution or new ideas or even grow up for that matter. I’m done resisting change – without my judgments of positive or negative…I have become a changeling for change, and proud of it.

Today I’m grateful for chakras, Dr. Cynthia, and Denver Film Festival.

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