The holiday season seems to creep up closer every year and I’m excited for it as always. Every year, I greet the season with eagerness because the entire country (and Western world) feels lighter, romantic, and more loving. What is it really the season for I ask? I get tear-eyed just thinking about the song from Rent, “Seasons of Love.” And yet I’m beginning to notice it’s always the “season of love.” The season of love isn’t when there are weddings, around Valentine’s Day, or the winter holidays – it’s now and always, depending on how we look at it.

Thanks to my beautiful friend/sister Brea (I love that she calls me “sister”) for correcting me when I said it just wasn’t my “season for love” anymore. The season of love has no beginning or end. We always love others and ourselves, just don’t always express it. I remind myself that love isn’t about a type of love…our mind compartmentalizes it into romantic, familial, or friendship. Love itself has no categories, it just ’tis.

Today I’m grateful for Melting Pot nights with the JL gals, depositing my paycheck, and when my family’s cat stalks me.

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