…here come the Millers! After meeting the marvelous (and might I say adorable) Miller twins, Logan and Noah, during the Starz Denver Film Festival this year – I couldn’t not buy their book. They are quite the pair and I heard the word “bro” more times in a five minute conversation with them than I have in my entire existence on Earth. Their book, Either You’re In or You’re in the Way, fascinated me in a way that only someone who has worked for film festivals and doesn’t quite know what it takes to make a film can (I acknowledge this last sentence could be considered a run-on and now I’m attempting to make it even longer).

I’m no book critic, just a dorky blonde gal who reads enough to be considered a nerd, so I’m unable to go into the technical reasons for why you should read this book. Let’s just say it’s entertaining, witty, and inspiring. To be honest, I don’t think there are any other reasons to read a book. Get out of your own way and buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Borders.
Today I’m grateful for afternoon tea with Stef, bike rides, and anticipation of what’s to come.

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