> Every New Year’s Eve day I look through my journal and think about the year before. My life has changed so much in 2009, for bragging sake they are below:

  • getting my yoga teacher training certification!
  • moved to Denver
  • was lead publicist for film festival
  • took a trip to Napa
  • my sister got married!
  • accepted to grad school in SF!
  • got rid of my car
  • married myself
  • stopped making so many lists
  • end of my Saturn Return
  • did Millionaire Mind by Peak Potentials
  • found an ideal partner
  • let the ideal partner go
  • made out with some attractive men
  • got clear on my life goals

These are all changes in circumstances, not with me – although all of them got me closer to my true self (even making out). I rang in the New Year for 2009 with a hula hoop, Lauren, 15C, and my friend Bri (some circumstances don’t change such as my love for hula hooping). 2010 will be with Stef, Brea, and Menver hopefully wearing my BCBG sparkly dress, if I can find it in my tiny closet.
When I think about resolutions the only ones that come to mind are eating less sugar (as if I haven’t tried that before), taking better care of my outward apperance (said that a while ago), and being better at washing my face before bed (my facialist has been complaining for years). Cheers to the New Year, and not the new me!
Today I’m grateful for blue moon, 2010, and faith.

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