>This week I’m perfecting my Menver to Man Francisco move…have felt really distant and sad about the idea of goodbye to so many people I adore.

There is conviction and finality with goodbye, it fools us into thinking we are in full control of the whom we will see when. We aren’t able to know when we will see someone again, we can plan to get together, ultimately it can happen at any time. Goodbye is dramatic, something our thinking mind loves. We are all connected energetically and sharing a planet, we are close (relatively speaking to say being on Mars) in proximity. We can mourn the physical closeness and at the same time appreciate the idea of still be connected infinitely.

I have been watching my DVDs to decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. Parting with most of my small collection has been easy, except for Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. This series of films reminds me of the uncertainty of life and that there is also something to be said about intentional seeing someone v. accidental. What do you say to someone you aren’t sure you’ll see again? I’m gonna stick with so long, farewell for now – it’s Sound of Music sing songyness (strange adjective I know).

Today I’m grateful for my apartment cleansing, banana bread French toast, and World Nomads writing competition.


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