For the past week it has been raining, almost non-stop except for an hour when I was Environmental Ethics. At first I felt offended. How dare San Francisco welcome me with this kinda of weather!? I have been reminded this is the rainiest month of the year and it was my choice to move now instead of waiting until spring. Nonetheless, it could be a scare tactic…
San Francisco, I understand things have been moving quickly since I arrived and you may be scared. I am too, but I’m not going anywhere. The rains came a few days too late…I have already fallen in love with your delicious food, delightful people, and good recycling habits. If this rain is your attempt to make me leave, it won’t work…I’m in the for long haul. So the rain can go away, or stay.
Today I’m grateful for my new desk chair, kitchen cart, and nightstand from Goodwill and Craigslist!

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