It’s no secret how much I like cupcakes – I would shout it from my rooftop if I could get up there. They are, after all the perfect baked good. Cupcakes have had their time in the spotlight as a trend the past few years and it seems to be ending. Where cupcakes once stood there appears to be a new focus on macarons (not to be confused with macaroons with coconut). I don’t like it one bit, and can’t even begin to describe how much this disappoints me. My relationship to cupcakes isn’t based on a fad, it arises deep in my soul as a desire for as much frosting and cake in one forkless treat.

Yes, similarities do exist between macarons and cupcakes (colorful, mostly sugar, light and fluffy, food of the goddesses). They are distant cousins and one simply cannot be a substitute for the other. I’m not quite sure who to blame on this, San Francisco or New York are certainly the starting points for many new ideas and the new macaroon bakery down my street in SF isn’t helping at all. I’m resisting macarons as much as I can until I’m forced to move on, or get a sugar craving without a cupcake place nearby.

Today I’m grateful for remaining cupcake shops throughout U.S., new dining room table, and rearranging my apartment.

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