My sister came for a visit and I couldn’t resist using her origami genius mind for the good of my apartment. You see, what has really been missing from my living space are cranes, of the origamic (not sure how to make origami an adjective) sort. Alas, problem solved…nine (1,000 would not fit) cranes in my hallway. They are partially in honor of the Chinese New Year that begins on Feb. 14 and also to serve the purpose of checking something else off my life list (to be found at www.43things.com/person/FarrarRebecca ), that something being learning how to make origami cranes.

Cranes have quite a history and I’m delighted to have them as a part of my life in the form of paper. According to scientists, cranes have been around for more than 60 million years. In Greek tradition (one I’m particularly found of as a philosopher ;)), they are a symbol of Apollo, the sun god. It’s considered the “bird of happiness” in Japanese culture and as the “heavenly bird” in China. Mythology holds the powerful wings of a crane can carry souls to enlightenment in paradise. All of this information, only makes it fitting they cranes grace my entryway, and if I “crane” my neck the right way from my desk I can see beautifully all nine of them.

Today I’m grateful for origami paper from Little Osaka, Suppenkuche, and PETA bug catchers.

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