The time has come to talk of many things, said the Walrus…and so it is also time for me to confess that I’m a wannabe. An Elizabeth Gilbert wannabe through and through. Her latest book, Committed (which I finished just in time for Valentine’s Day), only confirms my admiration status. Her unique style of writing that’s part memoir and part journalist with a side of comedy. The book explores the institution of marriage, which has been quite a topic of confusion to me as of late. Marriage itself fascinates and repulses me to somewhat equally.

I believe in monogamy as a path of spiritual practice and a way to learn more about yourself through a relationship. I want a long-term relationship and partnership of equality. I don’t believe marriage is the way to get there. It appears to be based in ownership and a history that few have truly studied before literally “engaging” in the act. I’m not necessarily anti-marriage, just not quite sure if it’s a part of my path.

This post may be my last for quite some time as I appear to be leaving the book club I started by myself and am apparently ending (by myself) with saying farewell to leisure reading until my grad school program has completed. The only book reviews from here on out will be of books I wouldn’t wish upon anyone – except the ones silly enough to be in my program (bless them all).

This posted wouldn’t be complete without some sort of dorky word play, rhyme, or pun…Alas, I shall not disappoint! I’m “Committed” you all go read Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, and think of me…the official E.G. wannabe.

Today I’m grateful for my classes, Friday night plans, and the origami cranes hanging in my hallway.

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