>There’s nothing quite like seeing a comedian live – suddenly not even HBO or Comedy Works can sensor them. In everyday life I wouldn’t opt to spend time with a smoker from Texas; however, when it’s Ron White…it changes everything. My mom was visiting a few weekends ago (I’m a tad delayed in posting this) and she wasn’t near as excited about seeing him as I was (for obvious reasons). Nothing says mother and daughter bonding quite like Ron White mimicking masturbation on stage.

Of course that wasn’t the least raunchy of his jokes, but I won’t ruin the show for you by leaking his comedic genius on my blog. For those of you who may not be fans or whose Dads don’t watch Comedy Central and South Park (love you Dad), Ron White calls himself “Tater Salad.” I’m not sure why, other than every comedian seems to have his or her drink of choice (Ron’s is scotch and Chelsea’s is vodka) and a catch phrase (Chelsea has several, but I will stick with “hot pocket” for this example).

I have nothing else to say other than to encourage you to see Ron White…and not with your mom (love you Mom). 😉

Today I’m grateful for comedians, Internet TV, and Moms.


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