One of the largest adjustments thus far living in a large, non-mid-Western city has been not smiling at people as I pass them on the street. I learned my lesson the hard way, once acknowledging the wrong people a few times and being screamed at by some folks with not-so-obvious mental disorders. The balance of being hard and soft is one I’m constantly seeking. How do I connect with others without having that connection put myself in danger?
In the Buddhist tradition a life of moderation between extremes is the path to wisdom. Lately it has become my mantra for any sort of decision making, particularly when it comes to San Francisco – the land of extreme (or so it may sometimes seem). With high rents, a lot of very self-expressed people, opportunities to overindulge in food on every corner.

My adorable friend Rebecca made me see it differentlyl things are already the middle way in SF. Case in the point the weather – not to hot and not too cold and just right. And it is in the middle of a bay…Middleness seems to be the answer to everything in life. Should I eat five cupcakes today or none? Should I ignore this homeless person or give her all my money. Not too hot and not too cold is probably best. Heck, this Goldilocks learned her lesson that some ways of being (like porridge and weather) are just right.

Today I’m grateful for Rebecca, cozy apartment, and Ferry Plaza Building.

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