CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), where I attend for graduate school in case I haven’t shared or we aren’t close, has a proposal to put all gender or mixed gender bathrooms on every floor of the building. The purpose being that all people whether genderqueer or transgendered have a place to use the restroom without fear of harassment.

I’m envisioning them like the bathrooms in Ally McBeal, only probably without George singing Barry White. Of course I have concerns besides the obvious weirdness that comes with bodily functions in general. That and I have shared restrooms with men who pee on the toilet seat (as do womens sometimes). Being uncomfortable with new things brings about a lot of growth. Some students (very few) have asked why we are prioritizing the needs of a small group of people. We do the same for people with disabilities…it’s a matter of equality no matter how small a group.

More than 150 institutions of higher learning in the country have mixed restrooms and it kind of suprises me it’s even a discussion here. I think it should have already been done…this is 2010 for pete’s sake!? (On another note, I don’t think I’ve ever said “pete’s sake” on my blog before, let alone out loud) Hopefully this will also bring about a new symbol for genders…I’m awfully tired of the triangle dress to denote women. Bring on the potty retraining!

Today I’m grateful for change, dogs with bandanas, and haircuts.

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