I see part of my role on this planet to make fun of people when they say stupid things. Not everyone says things worthy of my mockery; however, celebs seem very uninterested in my opinion, making them an easy target. Lil’ Wayne shall be my next case in point. Mr. Wayne is guilty of several charges for poor grammar, but his latest song “Bedrock” makes me do more than cringe. I question his ability for romance at all, although I’m not sure his intentions with this song presume that he has any to begin with. The song’s main line is as follows, “call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock.” Really? Cartoon references are a turn on?

Comparing men to cartoon characters was fun when I was 10 and had a crush on Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid (it’s practically impossible not to). I’m almost 28 now Lil’ Wayne and while you may still be growing (hence the Lil’ and not even a full “Little”), I on the other hand, enjoy being serenaded with visualizations about beaches and bubble baths. Yes, I understand the play on words about “Bedrock” and “bed rock,” and Mr. Flintstone did seem like a very nice guy who treated Ms. Flinstone well, but I request you please put a rock in it, for now.

Today I’m grateful for radio, granola pancakes, and documentaries.

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