> This simple, yet practical advice comes from a cross stitch my mom used to have in the laundry room. Great line for an army wife – and a dorky blonde girl who misses home on the first day of spring. I’m handling my move to San Francisco the way I handle a lot of things…say I’m committed, but in the back of my mind really not so much. The option to go back to Colorado just seems too real and plausible, because it is. My brief visit there last week only solidified how much I love it and miss my close friends and family.

And while my head hasn’t caught up with my heart…I’m here to stay. While I may not have committed to SF in the way of efforts to meet new people or find a job, I certainly committed to finishing my degree and a year-long lease. As much as it feels like I’m on a vacation and taking classes for a summer credit somewhere, I live here and it’s time I start acting like it. No more planting and then pulling – the time has come to bloom where I planted myself!

Today I’m grateful for belly dancing, work possibilities, and Cafe Gratitude.

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