>In order to put off studying for another 20 minutes during my spring break, I watched Jessica Simpson’s new show, “The Price of Beauty” on VH1.com. The latest episode highlighted Paris and the dark side of the fashion scene. At first I was really skeptical of something having to do with Jessica, she seems nice, but naive (which may or may not be an act as is the case with the “Chicken of the Sea” comment from Newlyweds). The last thing I wanted to do was watch a show about a celebrity from America, especially one from Texas (she says in her most snobby I-have-lived-in-Paris-and-been-annoyed-by-loud-Texans-voice) attempting to show us about another country. Instead what I watched was a woman exploring her own struggle with outer beauty and her search for acceptance.

I was touched and then couldn’t help but watch the first episode about Thailand. Confession – I cried during both episodes. Something in the show evokes a strong reminder about the importance of inner beauty first and foremost. In Paris the idea of “joie de vivre” seemed evident even while talking to a former model with anorexia who created a campaign to expose her struggle to other models and the fashion industry. The show seems to tell us what we already inherently know and have yet to act upon. I’m reminded of some of the most fun times of my life in college when I was 30 pounds heavier (doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday will do that) and dated far more than I do now. Yes, I realize there were more dating opportunities then and I also acknowledge my ever so obvious “joie de vivre” at that time as well.
The Price of Beauty may not run another season and I might not watch another episode, but either way Jessica Simpson reminded me of The Price of Beauty, which is afterall, priceless.
Today I’m grateful for BART, Wikipedia, and kites.

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