At an event for school (yes, I am finally attempting to meet people) I was talking to someone about all the amazing restaurants in SF and they asked if I was a foodie. Never in a million years (or at least 27 of them) have I considered myself a foodie…now I’m not so sure. For some the term conjurs up a certain snobbiness about good food. Snobbiness I possess and I can claim no such expertise on food. It’s not my fault I happen to live in one of the “20 greatest cities in the world for foodies”:

Good food provides for the me the same kind of pleasure as a beautiful new shirt and I’m no fashionista. I recognize pleasure when I see it (or in this case taste it) without preference for one kind over the other. Bubble baths and a well-prepared polenta have different sensory experiences that don’t make one any more important than the other in my book (not that I have one). Suffice to say good food brings me great joy, the same way as beautiful music – I’m never against anything that delights my senses or tickles my fancy (whatever that means anyway). I enjoy the finer things in life – always have and most likely always will.

Slashfood.com calls anyone a foodie who is interested in food. They point out just as a good student will have a thirst for knowledge, a foodie wants to learn about food. Foodies will never answer the question,”What are you eating” with, “I don’t know.” Basic traits include knowing what you like (caramelized brussel sprouts), why you like it (nutritional value with a lot of taste), recognize why some foods are better than others (boxed Kraft mac and cheese), and want to have good tasting food most or all of the time.

If loving good food makes me a foodie than I guess it’s just my flavor; just call me a foodie two shoes.

Today I’m grateful for rose cupcakes, Lauren’s engagement, and dinner with Victor.

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