>Today marks the second anniversary of my blog and I realize this is quite possibly the longest amount of time I have committed anything (besides my college education). Anniversaries bring about a time of reflection, here’s what I’ve learned since having this blog and sharing myself so openly  about what life is like “Being Becky:”

  • My tendency is towards avoiding commitment – except when it comes to this blog.
  • I enjoy writing about baked goods, a lot. Especially if they start with “cup” and end with “cake.”
  • Most likely I will always be a little snobby and like to make fun of people’s grammar (that’s what grammarians do after all).
  • When I don’t feel like writing or sharing myself is exactly when I should.
  • Writing makes me feel good and if that’s the only  reason I do it – so be it.
  • Life never ceases to amaze me.

Today I’m grateful for Blogspot, new template designs, and courage to share myself.

Here’s my first post and a dorky shirt I made about my blog:

“B” is for “Becky” and “Blogging”

Wow, I’m excited to have a blog, but fully acknowledge it is quite possibly one of the most egotistical things I have ever done (besides owning more clothing and underwear than anyone I know). In college I had some lame column (and yes, I am an SJP wannabe at heart) about my adventures of pretty much making an idiot of myself…this just seemed right up my alley. Plus, my BFF (best friend forever) has a new BF (boyfriend), so this BF (Becky Farrar) needs to find more ways to occupy her time besides bother her! I don’t really believe people will read my blog religiously or have it inspire them to become a dorky blonde girl (Lord knows we don’t need any more of them), but I do want it to be a clearing for growth. My hope is to share things people can relate to and know they’re not alone in what they feel. More importantly I want this to be a blog about reminding me of who I am – love, joy and vitality.

I look forward to sharing myself on this rollercoaster/journey/crazy thing called life with all of you. I plan to update it frequently – particularly at 4:57 p.m. on Fridays where there isn’t anything else I can possibly accomplish worthwhile at work…

I will end every post with three things I’m grateful for. Why you ask (or don’t because you don’t really care)? Because every night before I go to bed I write them down in a book on my nightstand and enjoy realizing how much I have.

Today I’m grateful for: cinnamon tea, pedicures, and the cute guy at Rico’s.


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