One of the things I would like to do in this lifetime is become ambidextrous. While I don’t think there are any immediate benefits to being able to write with both my left and right hand, more so I would like to join the small, elite group of people who are able to accomplish this feat. (American Pediatrics estimates this number is about 1 in 100.) My efforts thus far have been rather disappointing. In my Thursday evening class I began writing with my left hand. Besides looking extremely awkward (nothing new there), it took far too long. By the time I was able to get one thought down in my scribble, the class had moved on about seven minutes ago.

Instead of starting off with such a grand ambition I decided to try my “hand” (pun intended) at using my left hand more often for everyday things. Brushing my teeth has been the most messy, followed by inappropriate computer mouse usage. While I certainly have strong ambidextrous ambitions, they may have to wait until I can at least master the mouse or can have someone else take notes for me.

Today I’m grateful for patience, my beautiful meditation this morning, and sundresses with boots.

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