Happy 40th Earth Day! (Not that Earth is only 40 years old, but you know what I mean…) Last year to celebrate and honor our wonderous world I carried my trash with me for a week, only to discover two things: 1) I produce a lot of trash 2) people don’t want to spend time with you when you smell bad. This year my celebration resembles more of a gratitude rampage and pledge to do more. Like so many of us I get paralyzed by uncertainty. Not knowing where to begin – so I don’t. How can one human being carry the weight of all the problems and issues about our environment? Instead I choose the “think global and act local” mentality. Our choices change the world!

Here’s my pledge to Earth:
-to not buy a car unless electric-powered, or running on recycled materials
-buy secondhand first when shopping for something I need
-purchase local produce, instead of just organic which may have traveled from very far
-set up compost for my building
-suggest and talk to my management company about a rooftop garden for my building
-decrease my meat intake to four times a week and search for ways to make sure it is from within 90 miles of where I live
-volunteer at the local Hayes Valley Farm
-not to use even paper bags when shopping
-use more Earth-friendly cleaning products
-donate more money to environmental non-profits

There are books upon books and lists upon lists (I should know, I love to write them) about how to “save” the planet. (As if the planet needs to be saved and hasn’t survived for many millions of years.) No, it isn’t about “saving” the planet so much as respecting and cherishing it. This magical planet we call home sustains us and asks nothing in return. I would rather give without being asked. So…maybe the first step really is just gratitude, and from growing gratitude arises so much more – hopefully inspiring action!

Today I’m grateful for BART, Earth Day, and my new Sustainable Sourcebook.


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