Ah yes, Tantra – how I love thee. Tantra as in the ancient, non-dualist yogic philosophy, which immediately conjurs up impressions of sexual relations (which is of course a part of it as well). Several weeks ago (not sure why I’m just now getting to this post other than I have been living in Tantric bliss and forgotten), I took a workshop on Tantra yogic wisdom. It was supposed to be two days and in my SF fog I misread the description and missed a day. Alas, I still managed to get a lot out of it and was reminded that even the process of missing class was a sacred act in and of itself (or so I tell myself).

My favorite Tantra (different from more common yoga or Vedante philsophies) explanation I have found so far comes from a Web site http://www.exoticindiaart.com/:

Tantra has developed a system of thought which makes us see the universe as if it were within ourselves, and ourselves as if we were within the universe. Further the forces governing the cosmos on the macro-level are believed to govern the individual in the micro-level. According to tantra, the individual being and universal being are one. Thus all that exists in the universe must also exist in the individual body.

One of our major limitations in discovering this essential unity between the microcosm and the macrocosm is that we are accustomed to analyze the world into its separate parts, with the result that we lose sight of those parts’ inter-relationship and their underlying unity. The way to fulfillment is through recognition of our wholeness linking man and the universe.

According to tantric principles, all that exists in the universe must also exist in the individual body. If we can analyze one human being, we shall be able to analyze the entire universe. The purpose is to search for the whole truth within, so that one may realize one ‘s inner self, unfolding the basic reality of the universe.

Tantric sex comes from this philosophy in the acknowledgment of this unity and the sacredness of bodies representing the universe itself. Experiencing Tantra can also manifest itself in everyday moments while recognizing this unity. I shall name these experiences, for my sake, “Tantra tantrums.” They’re experiences of utter and complete oneness with life. I have had very few of them and words can’t describe what it feels like – so I won’t even try. Needless to say we recognize in essence “we are made of stars” and the cosmos and things we continually see as outside of ourselves as within, it completely morphs our view of reality and the way we live life. The simplest, even angry thought can be blessed with actions of love – it appears to make the mundane magical. I’m all about Tantra tantrums!

Today I’m grateful for my meditation cushion, Oneness, and duality.


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