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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about why it’s always so easy to visit and easy to leave L.A. It’s a fun place, but something there really bothers me. People are really nice and nice to look at, beautiful beaches and yummy food – not quite sure what I have against Lost Mangeles (yes, feel free to use this term, you have my permission). My partner in crime so clearly pointed it out to me before our yoga session overlooking the ocean. It’s just too easy, everything from the weather to the laidback mentality. In Manibu (yes, this one is up for grabs as well), we had 75 degree cloudless skies almost every moment of the day. Several blocks away we could sit on the beach and enjoy a cold Evian (or whatever you like to drink on the beach – alcohol isn’t my drug of choice).

I don’t think taking the difficult road is always best, I do like to mix things up a bit with a few clouds or a slight chill – maybe even a beach several miles away instead of down the street. Like a lot of people in the world of course I dream of some sort of fame or recognition. For some reason or another my desire for popularity is markedly different than wanting to model or be Miss America (wow, that was a strange phase of mine). While still narcissistic at its core, I now dream of being on Oprah discussing a book I wrote on how to increase the consciousness levels of the world or win a Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts in solving international conflict. I want to know how someone’s dreams and aspirations will not only make an impact for his/her life, and also the world. Something I must consistently ask about my goals includes how it will better all of humanity and not just myself. Figuring that out certainly is not easy, but it is easy to get lost when visiting Lost Mangeles – and I’m no exception.

Today I’m grateful for Intrepid Travel, money, and calls from my parents.

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  1. >Hi Becky, I enjoyed reading this post and the excellent quotes you offer on this blog. I wrote a post about hearing Eckhart Tolle speak (post is dated Thursday May 6). I have copied some of the great quotes from this blog into my notebook. I look forward to checking out some interesting links you offer to other websites as well. Thanks! Colleen

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