>Holy hell, my first Bay to Breakers (B2B) was a crazy ride!! I felt entirely unprepared for having thousands upon thousands of people running past my apartment at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday. It seems the one day a year it’s appropriate to be up before 11 a.m. on a weekend in Man Fran (particularly if you want to see a lot of naked men, which I sometimes do and sometimes do not). For the first 30 minutes I watched attentively from my window while sipping tea, as any dignified San Franciscan would. I am a serious philosophy grad student and have no such time for frivilous activities – I still have a final paper to write! Then the urge hit, suddenly the desire for a costume overcame me as I raced around my my apartment for my beloved bright blue spandex and hot pink leg warmers. Somewhere in the frantic dressing I texted one of my new, favorite neighbors to meet up to watch the madness up close and personal.

We grabbed some Blue Bottle Coffee and watched the seventh person pee in the same bush on Linden. Then we began the accent up Hayes hill towards Alamo Square surrounded by naked men (oh yes, I did already mention this), Tetris pieces, and even Gumby on a scooter. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was still dreaming, how could this much madness even be possible? There were stumbling drunks, dancing drunks, and everything in between. I even got hit on by a pirate and liked it.

I completed the day with a bonfire on Ocean Beach with a few stragglers (barely capable of standing mind you) from the race and mostly people from my school enjoying graduation and the chilly ocean breeze. A lovely day and just as I settled in for the night…quickly realized it would only be right to sleep in my hot pink leg warmers. Yup, B2B certainly got to me.

Today I’m grateful for Lauren, bon fires, and side ponytails.


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