>Today 28 years ago marks the day of my birth and entrance into this strange world of reality we call our experience. My parents said I didn’t cry when I was born and they weren’t sure if I was okay – I think it’s because I knew the wonderful things that await me this go round on Planet Earth. As my age creeps closer and closer to 30 I can’t help but still be excited for the wonderful things that await me.
When I came to CIIS and PCC I will never forget the words of a certain Mr. Drda who said, “In PCC there are two types of people – those who are into astrology and those who aren’t yet into astrology.” As much as I have resisted both of these two categories I find myself falling into the first. I had an archetypal astrology (don’t know about it, look it up) reading several months ago that I’m only now comprehending and appreciating for its true priceless value. The main part of a chart tends to focus on the Sun’s alignment with other planets when someone was born. In my case I have an opposition with Uranus (Prometheus, trickster) that trines with Mars.

This relationship can mean many things and the way it seems to best fit with me is the idea of Prometheus and the Puella Aerterna archetypes based in youth, creativity, and a sense of adventure. I love new things, places, and people. What I most identify with is the Prometheus symbolism…allow me to shed some light on this (Greek mythology joke, get it?). Prometheus representing bringing light/fire to humanity, I see that as my ultimate purpose – to bring love and whatever else I can to others. Whether it be through writing, relationships, or the arts – I’m clear it’s something I will do on a small or large scale for my entire life. Call it naivete or curiosity – I’m young at heart and have my birth chart to prove it.

Today I’m so grateful for this life that gives me the chance to live, to love, to play, to write, to learn, to work, to eat sugar, and to stare at the stars (and also misquote Henry Van Dyke).


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