Jeggings by definition are deceitful – leggings posing as jeans. I’ve wanted a pair for quite some time and hadn’t quite found the right ones, until now. They have brought me great joy (hence the joy label for this blog) in the only 30 minutes they have spent in my closet. I also couldn’t resist taking a photo of them without the intent to wear them anywhere today except in my apartment.

Is it silly to write an entire blog post about a pair of jeans – I mean jeggings? Probably, but seriously they are ingenius. Leggings that look like jeans with the comfort of my fabric of choice, spandex. What’s even better…I got them on clearance because I had two coupons and the checkout person must have been new because he let me use both!? (New or pretending he didn’t know the rules.) So when skinny jeans aren’t tight enough and leggings aren’t edgy enough – we can turn to jeggings.

Today I’m grateful for coupons at Express, Chicago, and curry chicken salad.


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