Just got back from a lovely weekend in Chicaguy, or Guycago as Stef prefers to call it. I got to see my dad while he was at a Pediatric Dental Convention (she says in a somewhat mocking tone) and spend time with Stef who moved me out to my new home in Cali. Several highlights of the trip included tea in prostitute attire (shown above) and noticing a sign in the lobby for a Dum Dum Lollipop convention at the same time as the dental one.

Oddly enough I really missed Man Fran while I was away. So strange how different cities make you appreciate the one you have. Can’t quite put my finger on what I missed so much…enjoyed great food, parks, good friends. It’s the California mentality I am now identified with and the Midwest just won’t do anymore. Upon my return I saw my creepy neighbor almost immediately. He casually mentions in passing that he “ruins lives.” It was that moment I felt oh so at home in Man Franpsycho.

Today I’m grateful for the spider in my bathroom, online ordering, and my gym.


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