It has recently been called to my attention that many people don’t know what “goober” means, which I find odd since my taste in slang has never before been called into question. I have been using it as a term of endearment for quite some time. My original usage of the word began with an American TV show I used to watch in Germany called “U.S.A. High” where an attractive German man loved the candy Goobers. I too love the candy and cannot watch a movie in a theater without them. It quickly became a term of endearment signfiying my love for sweets and  attractive German men. I have found it useful to use in reference to pets, friends, and family alike.

Words cannot express my delight when I noticed other people use this word AND Urban Dictionary recognizes it and has several definitions. My favorite definitions of “goober” from Urban Dictionary are listed below (I bolded the best parts):
1) It means peanut, but we don’t use it for talking about peanuts. When a person calls you a goober, take it as a compliment. A “goober” is generally a funny person. The person could be odd, weird, outstanding, popular, social. When called a goober, just laugh. Goober is higher than weird, it’s nicer to be called. Goober could also be used sarcastically. Used sarcastically could be talking towards a serious, stuck-up, or sensitive person. If you want to tick someone off, be sure to call this in front of the person.
Yes, it may sounds silly and possibly childish to the untrained ear. It may even conjur up images of not so pleasant nose excrements. To me it expresses all the love and sincerity of someone who makes my heart smile.

You goober!

Today I’m grateful for vegan donuts, summer school, and my long run yesterday.


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