I’m not a soda or caffeine drinker, but I have found an uncommon liquid craving in NeuroBliss (and sometimes NeuroGasm). A combination of amino acids and B vitamins, it energizes and lifts my mood without feeling overly stimulated as a lot of energy drinks makes me feel. (I’m completely aware this last sentence made sounds like a spokesmodel for Neuro drinks…I could only wish!)

Here’s a quote from the founder, Diana Sanela Jenkins I wanted to share:

“I wanted to create drinks that taste good and promote well-being, without a bunch of chemicals,” said Jenkins. “Neuro’s success reflects the desire for something different, responsible and smart.”

Initially I saw it in Walgreens and was drawn to its somewhat phallic shape with curves – a nice balance of the masculine and feminine if you ask me. Yesterday a friend of mine also pointed to the questionable color. Yes, I might just recommend an opaque bottle instead of transparent. Shape, color, or price I can’t help myself…I’m blissed out on NeuroBliss.

Today I’m grateful for Neuro Drinks, Walgreens, and pennies on the sidewalk.


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