Celebrating my six-month anniversary with Man Franpyscho today. Boy, oh boy has our relationship evolved since the early days. I’ve met incredible people and roughed the rough weather, and even have a new nickname for it. Despite our ups and downs, I’m still very much in love and  have decided to compile a list of my favorite things about SF. In no particular order they are:

  • the way the sidewalks glitter in downtown and near H&M
  • when the cable car operators make songs out of ringing the bells
  • the recycled, natural toilet paper is always sold out at Walgreens
  • don’t have to see Fox news on the treadmill at the gym
  • have conversations in French with strangers on the street corner
  • spend an entire Muni ride discussing the best energy healing crystals
  • Tai chi after turbo kick at 24 hour fitness
  • seeing gay couples hold hands without any hesistancy
  • seeing more Toms shoes than my own closet
  • found more than $5 in change on the sidewalk

Today I’m grateful for all the things mentioned above.


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