Can’t believe it…I’m officially unplugged. I have no Internet or TV in my studio (hence my not so frequent Facebook and blog postings)-just a computer, radio, a few plants, and a phone as my only companions. One week later and already it ranks up there as one of my best decisions ever, close second to getting laser eye surgery and getting such a small tattoo (not even the size of a pencil eraser tip).

 Below is the exact dialogue between myself and a customer service woman at Comcast for somewhat dramatic effect:

“Is there something wrong with your modem,” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

 “Is it not fast enough?” she inquired.
“No,” I said.
“Then what is wrong with it?”she asked in confusion.
“It’s a huge time waster and I’m done with it,” I said grinning with satisfaction.
“Okay, are you sure you want to return your modem?”
“Absolutely, positively.”
And with that I turned around and left with her mouth gapping. To celebrate I went and bought some plants for my apartment to continue with the good chi flow.
I thought I had something to prove to myself (or maybe even others) that I could do it. Actually, it’s more about getting back to simplicity – similar to the slow food movement. With the extra time I wasn’t checking my email I made myself an incredible lunch and my apartment is spic and span (I have no idea how to even spell that, let alone say it properly). I got reading done for school and even talked on the phone to my sister all in the first few unplugged hours. I plan to check my email at coffees shops, the library, or even at school…so it isn’t as if I’m completely shunning the Interweb. I just don’t want it in my apartment. To build connections without having one, if you will. To be out in my life experiencing it instead of inside on my computer.  And if I’m just productive enough without I might just get it again. For now, I’m unplugged and feeling good. Did I also mention all the dishes are done?
I would be lying if I said it didn’t terrify me. Not being “connected” has actually made me feel more connected (see what I did there with that word?) as I knew it would.

Today I’m grateful for my new plants Neo and Sarah, cake, and Emergen-C.


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