>The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Bollingen Series)My summer hasn’t been all reading in the fog or eating lots of cupcakes…I’ve managed to squeeze in a few classes and macarons as well. My most recent completion was a mythology class about Joseph Campbell and I’m not even sure where to begin except that I renewed my love for all things fiction and fantasy. I’m so into mythology right now I’m even creating my own words, such as mythtified (sounds like “mystified” and has been my experience since a recent summer course).
Somewhere along the way I forgot about the imagination…my Netflix list is documentaries, the TV shows I watch are “reality,” and I read non-fiction books. Fantasy and fiction aren’t just for kids. Myths bring us meaning and guidance in situations that seem fantasy and upon closer look – represent our lives.

There lies the trouble, I don’t remember how to think symbolically or metaphorically since my obsession with reality began. Our society has become so literal it’s lost its magic (and I was almost confused about how to use two types of “its” in one sentence). Why does a butterfly have to just be a butterfly? It can also represent transformation and soul searching.

Myths may be false (Avatar) or only partially true (Bible) but their meanings and metaphors hold deep truths. We begin to see that every character is us instead of choosing the pretty maiden or the hero warrior. We have both within us…as well as the dragon (please note an obvious reference to just about any fairy tale is included here). It’s noticing that Lord of the Rings, Greek mythology, Star Wars, Avatar all hold similar patterns of struggle and rebirth as process of individuation and coming into our true selves.

As a child I watched fairy tales and read books of mythology for entertainment and as an adult I see how much I have to learn from them. So what’s necessary for us to reengage with fantasy? It’s a willingness to be with the metaphors whether or not we see them. Seeing connotations and not the denotations of comic books, movies, and even some TV shows. Our imagination lives through mythology, better yet…the hero always lies with you (see, even Mariah Carey is into mythology). 😉

Today I’m grateful for remembering to write, yoga with Lauren, and my upcoming Colorado trip.


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