>First off this post is going to be ridiculous for several reasons…1) I’ve been spending too much time with books 2) the no Internet thing is kinda making me crazy  and 3) it’s about ringtones the kind on cell phones. The other day I was estactic to find the Internet on my phone working and wanted to shop for a new rington as my current Pachabel is getting rather old and I wanted something with a bit more edge…like Mozart or Beyonce. As I scroll through my phone before going online I begin giggling at how hilarious the names of the ringtones are: Gloomy DJ, Invisible Emotion, Vino de Amor, Something. These are the name of poems or bands…not the tone I want to set with my ring. The tone really sets the mood for a call and feels very underestimated. It can provoke a giggle, or a cringe, or even delight (if that cute guy ever finally calls).

Mock or not…picking a ringtone feels like a huge responsibility! After much thinking I decided on Natasha Beddingfield “UnWritten” now that the Hills is gone and doesn’t ruin it for me anymore as a theme song.

Today I’m grateful for vegan donuts, free yoga, and campus computer lab.


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