My heart called me to the beach on this cloudy, summer week. I wasn’t sure why until I arrived and there was much it needed to tell me. So, I listened closely with my ears, and eyes. Watching the sea gulls I was reminded of their effort to fly and then surrender of riding the waves of wind. The chilly breeze spoke of constant change at it rustled the trees. Tree branches whispered of strength and being grounded through the fog. The fog told me to keep going even without clarity as it rolled over the ocean. And the ocean was rough with an inner calmness that I needed to hear for myself. 

As I stared out at the water for more knowledge I suddenly remembered a poem I wrote in 4th grade with Mr. Ratz (I am aware that even back then I wasn’t what you would call a poet):

Along the soft, wet beach I walked,
The ocean waves crashed
and the sea gulls talked.
I’ve always loved the ocean and listening to it, must be the Neptune conjunct my Moon (yes, that’s really how people talk in my program sometimes);). This Colorado girl has given up her dry desert for the beach and intends to continue to nuture her Neptune for many years to come – or at least until the beach stops speaking to me.

Today I’m grateful for sand dollars, Shaun, and my airplane ticket home!

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