For quite some time there has existed a love square (not just a love triangle because it involves four) in the house. It starts with my dad (when he is gone get all the attention), whom my dog is obsessed with. My cat Riley adores my dog Taz and follows him around. Then the fiesty old man cat Boo follows Riley. Everywhere my father goes there follows Taz, Riley, and Boo. It’s hard to tell if what they feel for each other is romantic or just a loving attachment of some sort. (In this case if it is romantic I should be an even stronger ally against Prop 8 since they are all male.)

The most obvious affectionate “crush” belongs to my cat Riley and Taz. Riley rubs up against him and sticks his tail in his face, meows at him, and even lies down next to him. It makes me giggle out of sympathy and pity for poor Riley whose love can never be. I also see the larger picture of what I have to learn from my tabby’s love for my mutt. Riley loves Taz regardless of what Taz does. Riley loves just to love and asks nothing in return. His affections don’t cease just because Taz hasn’t returned him any attention, they still continue. I only wish I could love as Riley does – extending my care without begging anything in return. Riley reminds me of the pure essence of unconditional love, and I love it.

Today I’m grateful for floppy dog ears, sleeping in, and Mountain Mama’s.


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