On a particularly chilly summer night this week, I got home from a fun night out only to realize I wasn’t tired, my apartment was clean, and my homework done. I had the most incredible (if I do say so myself) idea to do the jigsaw puzzle that has been sitting in my closet for years. Within minutes I felt like I was 12 again doing puzzles on the coffee table with my sister and dad.

I began by finding all the edges so I could create the boundaries before filling in the inside. Looking over the vast amounts of pieces I started to wish I had never opened it the box. The big picture completely overwhelmed me. Then my Joseph Campbell class kicked in and the symbolism of the jigsaw puzzle became ever so evident as I took it one piece at a time. With each piece I looked for its correct place and found it most often by not thinking about it or by changing my perspective of where I thought it should be. Sometimes I got caught up in one piece and couldn’t move on until I found its place. It was learning to be with the incompletion that moved me forward. The puzzle still isn’t finished and I’m not sure when the time will show up again. Doesn’t matter, every now and then sitting down to get jiggy will be just enough.

Today I’m grateful for puzzles, books, and Walgreens.


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