By the time this post shows up I will be at Burning Man. I have an idea of what expect, realizing it will most likely be far different from anything in my wildest imagination. It has been on my life list (see link to the left) for quite some time and I’m thrilled it’s coming to fruition with such a beautiful group of people. For many moons, (sounds like something would say at Burning Man) we have been planning for this week. For many suns, I have been actively organizing as the camp “Coordinatrix” (Trixie for short). The time has come to embark on a mind bending, body-altering experience like none other. I’m certain my life will never be the same after this week, for better or for worse. I have never before packed for a trip with a dusk mask, baby wipes, and fake fur coat. This week will be awful and awesome and I’m ready for it all! Come find me if you’re there – Camp Cosmicopia at 7:15 D!

Today I’m grateful for dusk mask, baby wipes, and fake fur coat.

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  1. >hehe, I'm jealous! We're having our wanna-Burner party up in Marin tomorrow…but I'm glad I stayed and found a good housing situation. I hope no one in Cosmicopia ended up with the medicos…

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