After six days as a cavewoman (complete with dreads and dusty skin to match), I’m back in the real world with a new appreciation for the fantastic ride called Burning Man. Man, first name Burning, welcomed me with 90 degree weather that progressively became 100 and dusty by week’s end.  So many words can describe my experience of awe at Burning Man (BM for short)…awesome, awful, awakening, and even awkward. I had a dance party on a yellow submarine, made out with more boys than I can count, went on a five story high teeter totter topless, applied for a soulmate, and worked at a kissing booth. There were Mutant Vehicles of all shapes and sizes, people with clothes on and clothes off, magical camps full of creativity and interactive art that allowed me to become what I admire. My most memorable moment was with a group of my campmates staring up at the night sky admiring the thousands of visible stars and the rising of the moon.

With no clocks I learned to stare at my shadow and where the moon was in the sky. Without the Internet I relied upon others for information. Without a phone I was in constant communication via notes or going back to camp. Without a bus or car I rode my bike across the dust. Within days at Burning Man I became a primal being again forgetting the madness that awaits just hours away in the nearest large city of Reno.At the end of the week I emerged as myself (with a bit of Coordinatrix and Cavewoman on the side).

Burning Man symbolizes the transient, and in my case instinctual fleeting, nature of life. As divine beings we recognize also our deep connection to the rhythms of life and ourselves we forget easily in the chaos of modern life. I got all of these reminders and more just by taking a week to play on the playa.;)

Today I’m grateful for Cosmicopia, Paul, and Burning Man.

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