I know a quintessential SF weekend this past weekend.The type of weekend that can only happen in an adult playground like Man Fran. Friday I went to a talk about philosophy, not so odd besides the fact that I’m a huge nerd. Saturday was where it went from strange to bizarre. The day began with a simple brunch with my friend Victor and continued with an outdoor Flashdance Party (www.flashdance.org) and then a cuddle puddle. A cuddle puddle that was actually a birthday party in an area above a yoga studio with massage tables, live music, a tepee, and rope swing. At 4 a.m. I wandered home with a friend from a writing class and stayed up til 5 wondering if this sort of thing happens anywhere besides SF or Burning Man.

Today I wandered over to Folsom Street Fair and only lasted 20 minutes before becoming so overwhelmed I had to leave and go to the Zen Garden at school. All the porn, leather, and whips were too much. Mostly because between Burning Man and Folsom Street Fair I have seen enough male genitalia to last me a lifetime (possibly two). And quite honestly, S&M really isn’t my thing…go figure, I would rather be in a cuddle puddle.

Today I’m grateful for cuddling, making out, and  Zen Gardens.


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