>Lately there has been a theme in my life about people’s secrets being busted. We all have them…like the time lied to my parents about going somewhere and then ran into one of their friends. That’s the strange things about secrets – most of the time, people find out. A friend of mine has kept a secret from her husband and he recently found out. The universe supports us in the lessons we need most to learn and I truly believe this was someething that happened for her as a way of setting her free from the energy of lying that happens with a secret.

I too, have secrets. Some only a few people know and some a lot of people know, and some just I know. Secrets eat away at your soul and I’m learning to appreciate more and more everyday how straight honesty and communication saves everyone from heartbreak. I can’t imagine anything now so important I couldn’t eventually tell people about or something so awful I couldn’t tell anyone. As much as I hate adages (that’s a lie, I love them)…the truth does set you free and those around you.

Today I’m grateful for Muir Woods, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, and work.


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