Surrendering as a spiritual process means allowing whatever will be, will be and releasing an attachment. Lately I’ve noticed a type of surrender I hadn’t noticed before…the surrendering of seduction. To follow what tempts or entices me through my senses. Forgetting what I should be following or doing and knowing whatever I love in this moment is exactly what I need to be drawn to. It’s as if my future self pulls me forward with its art of seduction. Going down the rabbit hole by means of an attractive man, a delicious sweet treat, or other bodily pleasure can somehow open up secrets of what I love and don’t yet know. I have a tendency to be in my head about (go figure, I’m studying philosophy) most things. I attempt to make decisions about everything from the type of men I should date to what color my yoga mat should be using a rationalization process. The time has come to succumb to seduction (insert kind of sleazy joke about “coming” here)…and to think I was unaware of Venus Retrograde’s impact on me…;)

Today I’m grateful for slumber parties, new Website coming soon!, and pottery time!


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